Web Series Highlight: Snowboarder Gabby Maiden Gets Black & Sexy TV Mini-Movie

6:07 PM Richie P. 0 Comments

A few years ago we introduced you to "Afropunk Royalty" Gabrielle 'Gabby' Maiden.  Gabby is dubbed the first African American Woman of Competitive Snowboarding (Black History Month Fact #1 of 2017). When Gabby isn't shredding down mountains, she is actively modeling and acting. Over the past two years, she's shown off her talent by playing the character Farrah on the Black & Sexy TV produced webseries "Sexless." In "Sexless," Farrah and her friends explore complicated dating, trails of love, celibacy and sexuality (no spoilers, watch the first season here). In the season 2 finale, Farrah succumbs to online dating via the platform "Hello Cupid" ( based on another B&S TV webseries). Hence, Farrah is getting her own self-titled Hello Cupid mini-movie and it is premiering just in time for Valentines Day.

According to the synopsis, "FarrahBear in these Hello Cupid streets looking for love in all the wrong places." In the trailer, Farrah is seen skateboarding down the streets of L.A. and interacting with potential love interests. 

Check out the first 15 minutes of the mini-movie below!

Support Gabby and check out the full mini movie here (it's only $3)!