Skate Away Post-Election Woes with BSC's Monthly Cruising Pick (November)

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Dear BSC Family,  In March I moved to Nairobi, Kenya and it was a life changing experience. Upon returning to the USA, I was faced with the reality of a potentially dismal four years- though I am hopeful. Skate to clear your mind and organize to take control of your future. - Peace, BSC 

Skateboarding enhances your overall physical, mental and social health. The addition of music makes skating even more enjoyable. We're introducing the "BSC Monthly Cruising Picks," songs from artists incorporating elements of skateboarding in their music videos. Skate away the stress of post-election woes with the ethereal and tranquil vibes of  "Taboo (Taabu)" by Phy. 

Reppin the 254 (Kenya), Phy's music is a mixture of Afropop, RnB, Soul and Hip-hop. In an interview with HapaKenya, Phy explained the story behind "Taboo" off her debut album "Phylosophy," 

"I wrote taboo two years ago as an assignment is a music class. I was dating someone at the time but i was a bit of confused. I think everyone goes through it sometime, even married people. You might be in a loving committed relationship but still find other people interesting." 

(HapaKenya, Phy on Life, Music and the Story Behind Taboo, October 2016)

Phy's Facebook Page (2016)

Listen to Phy sing about the "taabu" ( meaning "trouble" in Kiswahili) of love, plus see some clips of skaters at the Aga Khan Walk in Nairobi. 

Check out more of Phy's music at here