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BLACK SKATER CHICK would like to send out a Special Thank You to our friends at Afro-Punk for sharing our stories on Shanazae Reade and Samarria Brevard. The Afro-Punk movement has been outlet for young black people to meet, interact and be informed about black sub-culture in music, film, the arts and extreme sports. For the latest in  black subculture, check out Afro-Punk and the join movement. 


Female Boarder On Cover of LIFE, 1965

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LIFE has recently been going through their archives and  highlighting events of cultural importance from past decades. In the 1960's , LIFE reported on the "craze and menace of skateboards" to contemporary America. The fact that LIFE chose to spotlight skateboarding as one these cultural elements along with other key moments (i.e, civil rights, the Kennedy years) demonstrates it's impact on our society. Surprisingly,female surfer and skateboarder pioneer Pat McGee was featured on the cover of the May 14,1965 issue. The almost half-century old issue also features McGee skating barefoot at the 1965 National Skateboarding Championships. In 2010, Pat was the first female inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Seeing McGee featured on the cover of this issue is a  remarkable reminder of the importance of women to skateboarding. Though, female athletes in skateboarding and other sports still lack equal rights, it is evident that their roots are so deep in the sport it can never be replaced.

Source: Time, 1965

Source: Time,1965

Read more: http://life.time.com/culture/life-goes-skateboarding/#ixzz1nk2RYUMX


Rihanna Skateboarding?

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Hey Black Skater Chick Fam. Sorry, but I could not resist sharing this vintage picture (haha) of Rihanna from 2008. Who would've thought the Bajan Pop Princess was learning how to "kick push." Her stance looks fine. Let's hope she still practices.


Do You Parkour?

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Parkour is an extreme sport that i've always wanted to try. All one needs is their body, a good pair of running shoes, confidence and motivation (completely environmentally friendly). 

A few days ago, I read an article in Parkulture about five leading female athletes in parkour. Parkour and freerunning trains one's mind and body to overcome obstacles in the built environment through running,jumping, climbing and vaulting over objects. Parkour also builds one's agility,strength and concentration. One of the featured athletes, Erica Nicole Madrid a gymnast and skateboarder likes parkour and  freerunning because it is so "versatile and really allows you to express yourself in any way, shape, or form."

Over the past few years, Parkour has gained popularity in action movies such as, Casino Royale and the Bourne films. There are various Parkour clubs and organizations throughout the USA and Europe (check the Parkulture Directory and Resources). If you live in NYC area, NY Parkour offers classes and training and training sessions. A student at Parkour Generations in London, Karen Palmer, describes the sport as an adventurous and spiritual journey for the body in "overcoming your fear."

Take a Look At  Karen's Journey in Parkour Training!  

Check Out London-based Parkour Generations Girls Academy from London!

I hope you ladies get out there and try some Parkour and freerunning!


Happy Birthday Nick Gabaldon: First Man of African American Surfing

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Source: Los Angeles Beat,2012
Nick Gabaldon was born on February 23,1927. He is the first documented African American surfer and known for regularly paddling 12 miles from Santa Monica to Malibu for the best waves.

Check out 12 Miles North, a documentary on Gabaldon's life at Nike Action's facebook page.

Nick (far right) surfing in Malibu.
Source: Los Angeles Beat,2012


Say What? Another BLACK SKATER CHICK...Christiana Smith

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Source: Girls Riders Association,2012

You're sadly mistaken if you thought there was just one BLACK SKATER CHICK cruising around. Another young lady, Christiana Smith, has been competing in the ranks of Samarria Brevard and is now skating for another popular girl skater team, the Girl Riders Organization (GRO). Christiana, a 15-year old native to Southfield, Michigan has been skating for almost five years now. Her advice to other girls who want to skate is to "...just do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t just because you’re a girl. Even if you’re not good at first just keep trying and practicing and HAVE FUN!Well Spoken. Christina surely sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders and let's not forget a  full package of wicked board skills.

Check out Christiana Effortlessly Tackle a Street and Vert Course!

GRO Profile
Local park - Modern Skate Park, Royal Oak,MI
Interests - Skateboarding, Filming
Music - MGMT, Phoenix, of Montreal, Passion Pit, Animal Collective, Metric, Matt & Kim, Cults,Kid Cudi, Wavves, Crystal Castles, and Arcade Fire
Other sports - Snowboarding, Basketball
Goals - Travel, meet girl skaters, enter & win contests, get more sponsors, and have a good time.

Source: Girls Riders Association,2012

Major props to Christiana and other young girls making a name for themselves in the male dominated world of skateboarding. Lets keep this movement going ladies.


A Must-See: 12 Miles North, The Nick Gabaldon Story

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Hello BLACK SKATER CHICK family. I thought it would be fitting to touch on surfing culture,though many of us (especially on the East Coast) don't have the opportunity to surf. Surfing is the grandfather of snowboarding and skateboarding, plus its amazing.

I recently watched Nike's newly released inspirational documentary 12 Miles North: The Nick Gabaldon Story, the legacy of a surfer who died doing what he loved. Nick Gabaldon, born Nicolás Rolando Gabaldónis recognized as the first documented African-American surfer. Gabaldon, also of Mexican descent, grew up in Santa Monica, California during the 1930's and 40's. At that time, to avoid racial tension, minorities and people color established their own part of the beach, the "Inkwell," to peacefully enjoy the waves and sunshine. Nick loved spending time at the beach body surfing, when he saw the lifeguards with their wooden boards it sparked his interest in surfing. 

Nick was always in search of best wave (like many surfers), so he paddled an extraordinary 12 miles  to Malibu, the epicenter of surfing. In Malibu, he quickly earned his respect surfing with a group of white surfers, not because of his color (to them color did not matter) but because of his skill. The distance that Nick traveled also amazed the Malibu surfers. He became apart of the tight-knit surfing brotherhood. Most of the brotherhood (now surfing pioneers and veterans) described Nick as great surfer with graceful form and genuine character.

Throughout 12 Miles North, Nick is credited for breaking down barriers of color in surfing. Tony Corley, the founder of the Black Surfing Association also speaks on Nick's impact. The film also features commentary by other professional athletes who overcame differences in sports due to race, gender and disability, such as, BMX rider Nigel Sylvester, Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones, WNBA basketball pro Lisa Leslie and Iron Man Champion Sarah Reinertsen. Ultimately, Nick Gabaldon's story continues to inspire a lot of people. 

 In 1951, Nick Gabaldon tragically drowned in a surfing accident while executing the stunt," shooting the pier."  It's so unfortunate that his life was cut short. Nick would have certainly been among the ranks in the surfing hall of fame with his Malibu buddies. The legacy of Nick Gabaldon still lives on. 

I encourage you to watch 12 Miles North  (while it is still available), it is about 30 minutes long. It is available for download or stream on Nike's Action Facebook Page. Also, check out the Black Surfing Association.

Trailer for 12 Miles North: The Nick Gabaldon Story 

Find your in surf life, whatever your calling might be and "SURF WITH NICK" shattering any barriers that try to block you.


British Adidas BMX Rider Shanaze Reade

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Hey so we are going to switch things up because at BLACK SKATER CHICK we appreciate all women of color in action sports.

Today, I read an article about an amazing  23-year-old BLACK BMX CHICK Shanaze Reade from Great Britain. Shanaze (of Jamaican and Irish descent) is a triple UCI World Champion in BMX and Track and Field Cycling. Shanaze is now dedicating her fulltime to BMX as she prepares to compete in the 2012 Olympics, despite a prior shoulder injury making her unable to compete in the 2008 Olympics. Like many athletes who attribute overcoming personal issues through sports, Reade believes that BMX can be used  as "way out" for youth, especially in urban areas.
The star athlete who prides herself on having the "Power of a Jamaican and the luck of the Irish" is also not afraid to go against the boys. She raced in the all male UK National Series and Dagenham British BMX Nationals.

Shanaze also has an online series featuring a look at her life and training for the upcoming 2012 Olympics. In this episode, Shanaze competes in a pre-qualifying event.

SHANAZE READE SERIES : EPISODE 10 from Shanaze Reade Series on Vimeo.

Also check out Shanaze's Adidas Women's Training Video.

Lets supports Shanaze's positivity and see her take home some gold at 2012 Olympics BMX session.


Ok, I'm Obsessed...BLACK SKATER CHICK Samarria Brevard Catching Some Air!!!

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Samarria Brevard Ollies down some stairs with perfect form!


Congrats Samarria Brevard, Signed to Hoopla Skateboards

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Samarria Brevard
Source: Hoopla Skateboards,2012

Samarria Brevard was just signed to the infamous Hoopla Skateboards team out of CA. Samarria is now teamed up with some of the veterans in the industry such as, Cara-Beth Burnside and Mimi Knoop. A native to Riverside,CA, the teen had been ripping for about four years now. She recently won the  Supergirl Am-Jam in August an event that reconginzes street skills and solid techniques. As Samarria says "yolo," you do only live once, so let's get out there ladies and start cruising. 

Check out Samarria's smooth style.

Hoopla Profile

Years Skating: 4
Favorite Skate Spot: Pirates In San Bernadino
Greatest Achievement Skating: Winning 1st Place In The Supergirl Am Jam
Favorite Music: Dubstep
Favorite Food: Coney Island Hot Dogs
Why Skateboarding? Skateboarding Is The Only Sport That I Can Be Free Without The Stress 

Samarria is certainly making strides in the industry, our friends at BLACK SKATER CHICK wish her the best!



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BLACK SKATER CHICK is a project designed to connect individuals to learning about women of African descent in skateboarding and extreme sports.

The combination of the words Black, Skater & Chick (female, girl…etc) are peculiar to the masses. Therefore, at BLACK SKATER CHICK we seek to increase knowledge and extinguish ignorance surrounding women of African descent in the skateboarding and overall action sports, through highlighting their achievements and lifestyle through interviews, daily news, music and art.

This is in no way created to cause division in the female action sports community. I am thankful for the ladies and organizations that inspired me to skateboard and become more involved in action sports: The Alliance, Villa Villa Cola, All Girls Skate Jam, TheSideProject, Girls Learn to Ride and Check it Out Magazine.

I hope to start interviewing some females in skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and other extreme sports who are of African descent from all over the world. and as well as my other sisters of underrepresented communities. Plus, I would also like to feature some males of African descent in action sports.

Thanks for visiting BLACK SKATER CHICK – Richie P. (Learn More About Richie P.)

Check out the Best Skater Female Vid Ever Made!!!