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What's up BLACK SKATER CHICK fam? We had the pleasure of interviewing (*drumroll*) Jazmyn Glause! 

Source: Six Starz Skateboard and Surf Co,2012

Jazmyn Glause reps Duluth, MN. At the age of 12, Jazmyn's journey with skateboarding began when her parents bought her Tony Hawk Underground 2. She thought it was so "rad that there was a girl skater in it, it was Elissa Steamer. I wanted to be just like her!" Since that moment, Jazmyn rolled around on her skateboard everyday. Soon her level of comfortability increased and started learning tricks.  

Now 15, she is sponsored by Starz Skateboarding Co. and Rockstar BearingsJazmyn believes that  "trying your best to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in life, if you can do that, no one can stop you."  This zealousness shines through her agility in simultaneously ollieing down sets of stairs, nollie tre-flipping and executing challenging assortments of tricks, while still holding her unique easy-going swagger. 

Jazmyn in Action!

Jazmyn loves the thrill skateboarding produces in helping to face one's fears and the feeling accomplishment from learning and perfecting new tricks. She also notes that "you can never really 'win' at skating, there's always something new to work for." Though the only skater chick in her community, she thinks it would be "awesome to have girls to skate with, and someone that shares the same love for it as I do." She advises that girls who are interested in skateboarding should, "Just go for it! It’ll be scary at first, and you’ll worry about getting hurt, but once you get into it, you’ll be glad you did. It’s challenging, but SO fun." When Jazmyn is not skateboarding she participates other intense sports like Roller Derby.

Quick  411 on Jazmyn
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Set-upSix Starz Skateboard, Venture Trucks, Blank Wheels 52mm, Rockstar Bearings, Mob Grip, and Shorty’s Hardware
  • Sponsors: Six Starz Skateboarding Co. and Rockstar Bearings
  • Skating Attire: "I love skating Nike Sb’s, Levi Jeans usually hold up the longest for skating, and I always rock any shirts that I get from my sponsors, whether I’m skating or not"!
  • Favorite Skating Spot: "Midtown in Duluth, it’s this neat little spot under an overpass. It’s got a sweet Miniramp, and alot of cool street elements."
  • Favorite Skaters: "Lizard King, Dylan Rieder, Karl Watson, Neen Williams, and I’ve been seeing alot of Diego Najera lately, he kills it."
  • Music: "Pretty much anything by Snoop Dogg or Tilly and the Wall. No specifics, I like just about everything from the both of them."

Jazmyn's WORD on Sk8ing 
"It’s one of the toughest things out there, and you’ve really gotta have heart if you wanna progress."

Connect w/ Jazmyn
Twitter : @JazmynGlause
Youtube Channel: XxJGSK8RxX

* Elissa Steamer is the first female to have attain professional status in the history of skateboarding*

It's great to see the "mid-late 90's babies" like Jazmyn, Samarria Brevard, Christiana Smith and Beatrice Domond stepping up  and continuing the shredding tradition more and more. I can't wait to see these girls skating at the X-Games in coming years. Much KUDOS to all of you, especially Ms. Jazmyn Glause (cool last name). Girls are here to stay in SK8ING!