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Sak Pase? BLACK SKATER CHICK Fam (that's creole for "what's up?"). We're Back. Allow me to introduce you to our friend Beatrice Domond.

Beatrice Domond, 19, native to Florida and of Haitian descent has been skating since the age of 5. Beatrice exhibits a chilled-relaxed style making skating off roofs and backside heel flipping look effortless but at the same time entirely sick. Some of her favorite skaters include Vanessa Torres, Dylan Rieder and Collin Provost.

Beatrice would like to see more notoriety for women in skateboarding. She hopes to become a professional skateboarder and construct skate parks in the future. In addition, Beatrice prides herself on three principles, Skate, Fashion and Faith.

Source: (Beatrice's Tumblr)

*Check out Beatrice's video for entry into the CCS AM  Video Project. Make sure you vote for Beatrice by liking her video, also leave a comment. The CCS AM Project ends August 31st. Let's support this fellow BLACK SKATER CHICK. *

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  1. she rocks it, its good to see another black girl thast skates! :)