Happy International Women's Day

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Hello Black Skater Chick Fam. This is one of the best months of the year, Women's History Month. Celebrating the sacrifices, contributions and achievements of women all over the world. Lets take time to celebrate women with the rest of the globe.

International Women's Day,2012

Today is International Women's Day !!!

The theme this year via the International Women's Day organization is "Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures". As a young girl, I was inspired by the women of the American Suffragists Movement who fought for equal voting rights to Vonetta Flowers,  the first female Winter Olympics gold medalist of African descent and Kelly Clark, the first women to land a 1080 in winter X-Games history.  We have all been inspired by women from all walks of life and they gave us courage to pursue our dreams in challenging gender inequalities. Organizations such as, The Alliance and Girls Skate Network are working to connect girls in the action sports community and provide more opportunities for them in the industry. So,how will you reflect the theme of International Women's Day in your activities not only today but throughout the year? How will you inspire the girls of this generation in your community?

In the words of Sojourner Truth, "Ain't I A Woman To?" (you should read the whole speech). Are we not the daughters of individuals who changed the world of science, education, medicine and  sports ? Let's continue to grow in our connections and motivate young girls, only in collective actions can we stop injustice.