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It seems like the surfers are coming out in droves (*haha*).Don't worry skateboarders, sit tight, there will be more skater chicks coming to you soon! Here is a story about Andrea Kabwasa, a BLACK SURFER CHICK whose surfing journey became a remedy for overcoming abuse.

Source:Liquid Magazine,2011

I noticed Andrea Kabwasa while watching the documentary Whitewash. Andrea, a teacher and artist, started surfing at the age of 32. In an interview with Liquid Magazine , Andrea expresses how surfing changed her life. She recollects her first time on a surfboard saying, "...I do, how­ever, remem­ber how I felt afterwards—happy. I had for­got­ten what that felt like, to be truly happy with­out a care in the world (even if it was only for an hour). Need­less to say, I was hooked." Her  addiction to surfing has also been therapeutic in overcoming the effects of an abusive relationship, she said "­ing is hap­pi­ness, love and self-empowerment. The act of inter­act­ing with water cleansed my inner spirit. Before surf­ing, the lens from which I viewed life was pretty dirty. I was filled with low self-worth and, at times, I made some pretty self-destructive choices. Surf­ing redi­rected that energy in a pos­i­tive direc­tion. When I surf, I feel beau­ti­ful. I’m a start­ing to feel beau­ti­ful on dry land too now." The impact that surfing had in tranforming her life is remarkable. Surfing has also influenced Andrea's art. Art, being her chosen form of expression since her young adult years, Andrea's art has shifted from a sad emotional sentiment to "mind surfing on canvas." She now paints her surf dreams and views of paradise. Andrea admires the surfing styles of Derek Hynd, Tyler War­ren, Jimmy Gam­boa, Julie Cox, Joel Tudor and Kevin Connelly. Her favorite surf spot is Scor­pion Bay, Surfrider Beach and Saladitas in California.

I love what Andrea's outlook on happiness: "hap­pi­ness is those rare moments when you are so com­pletely locked in, that you feel like you are danc­ing in har­mony with life itself. Each wave has a dif­fer­ent rhythm and a dif­fer­ent dance. I like wave-dancing. It makes me happy."

Check out one of Andrea's paintings.

Source: Liquid Magazine,2011

Read more of Andrea's interview in Liquid Magazine.

Andrea Kabwasa's story is one of empowerment for women in abusive relationships and I commend her for speaking out about her experience. 

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