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BLACK SKATER CHICK is a project designed to connect individuals to learning about women of African descent in skateboarding and extreme sports.

The combination of the words Black, Skater & Chick (female, girl…etc) are peculiar to the masses. Therefore, at BLACK SKATER CHICK we seek to increase knowledge and extinguish ignorance surrounding women of African descent in the skateboarding and overall action sports, through highlighting their achievements and lifestyle through interviews, daily news, music and art.

This is in no way created to cause division in the female action sports community. I am thankful for the ladies and organizations that inspired me to skateboard and become more involved in action sports: The Alliance, Villa Villa Cola, All Girls Skate Jam, TheSideProject, Girls Learn to Ride and Check it Out Magazine.

I hope to start interviewing some females in skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and other extreme sports who are of African descent from all over the world. and as well as my other sisters of underrepresented communities. Plus, I would also like to feature some males of African descent in action sports.

Thanks for visiting BLACK SKATER CHICK – Richie P. (Learn More About Richie P.)

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