Do You Parkour?

10:29 PM Richie P. 0 Comments

Parkour is an extreme sport that i've always wanted to try. All one needs is their body, a good pair of running shoes, confidence and motivation (completely environmentally friendly). 

A few days ago, I read an article in Parkulture about five leading female athletes in parkour. Parkour and freerunning trains one's mind and body to overcome obstacles in the built environment through running,jumping, climbing and vaulting over objects. Parkour also builds one's agility,strength and concentration. One of the featured athletes, Erica Nicole Madrid a gymnast and skateboarder likes parkour and  freerunning because it is so "versatile and really allows you to express yourself in any way, shape, or form."

Over the past few years, Parkour has gained popularity in action movies such as, Casino Royale and the Bourne films. There are various Parkour clubs and organizations throughout the USA and Europe (check the Parkulture Directory and Resources). If you live in NYC area, NY Parkour offers classes and training and training sessions. A student at Parkour Generations in London, Karen Palmer, describes the sport as an adventurous and spiritual journey for the body in "overcoming your fear."

Take a Look At  Karen's Journey in Parkour Training!  

Check Out London-based Parkour Generations Girls Academy from London!

I hope you ladies get out there and try some Parkour and freerunning!